August 18, 2009

Answering Questions.

Just so those that are curious know, I'll repost my response to the over a dozen comments to my posting last night......

Just a small fyi for those that have been commenting:

Yes, my aim is for 100% parity with Outlook's capabilities with MAPI. This means that Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Journal, Public Folders, Tasks, and Projects are on my TODO list.

Whether this will use openchange for all of that functionality has yet to be decided based off of testig and feature completion.

Also, I think I should make it clear: the code I'll be working on was started in development around 2007 by Brad Hards and continued by Alan Alvares for his 2008 GSoC project. This WILL be an akonadi resource that talks Extended MAPI/RPC to the Exchange server and DBUS back to the Akonadi session daemon. Where necessary, I might call things in the various libraries from the Samba4 project to mimic an Active Directory backed Exchange client to make my work easier, we'll see if I have to do that or if I can rely on some things from LDAP..... Onwards and Upwards :)

With this, I need to stress that it won't be instant progress on this, so please all, be patient :)


  1. I'll be patient. =)

    I'm still *very* excited though!

  2. I'm sorry but I can't! ;-)