October 2, 2009


What has two homes on either side of the planet, attracts geeks by the storm, and the letter Q?

No, not a rabid Qbert collector, rather Qt Dev Days!

This year, to start things out right we've managed to acquire through the clandestine (ok, maybe not so much....) work of the Nokia Qt Development Frameworks division (formerly known as Trolltech) F/OSS Community Manager, Knut Yrvin, a small stash of passes for KDE developers to the event. We thought what better way to draw in interested KDE developers than to hold a pre-Qt Dev Days Sprint?!

What will the sprint cover, you might ask? Well, we're interested in hearing (hopefully sooner than later) what YOU, the KDE hacker wants to work on/brainstorm on at this sprint! To better get an idea of whom will or will not be coming, please stop by our Facebook event page and RSVP. If you choose not to use FB to let us know, feel free to leave a blurb on my blog. Thanks :D

UPDATE: Hmmm, it would seem I for got to post the LINK to said FB event..... Here you go: Facebook Dev Days Sprint.

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