May 13, 2009

Code tally....

While this normally falls under the "pissing match" category, I thought this would be fun to show how much code can be shaved off of a project that is written in pure Perl versus C++ and a Shell wrapper. The old genbasedir from Apt-RPM clocks in at 1650 lines of code, not counting the includes in the C++ source files. The NEW from APP-Get clocks in at 473 lines of code. A whopping 2/3 code reduction alone. Mind you, I could have cut corners, and trimmed the code down even further, however after looking over the code that genbasedir from Apt-RPM have between the shell script and the two C++ files, there are more than a few areas that look dodgy and lack proper error checking. Tomorrow, I'll move most of the functions from to a module to make it unit testable. Stay tuned to further developments :D

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