April 9, 2008

Same old task...

For a few months I've ignored the state of our packages for AltimatOS. Well, today that changes. We're not far from a public beta and we've yet to get KDE built, let alone fixing any broken dependencies in the repository, which would make it near impossible to release, let alone install.

As I'm currently the only person on the project, I've turned my attention from the installer to work on our packages. So, at this moment, I'm building KDE 3.5.9 with a wealth of patches to make the experience a little better for our users.

This will take a while to sort out the last of the packages before I can get back to working on AI unfortunately. Due to the state of the repository and AI, etc. I now implore the free software community: if you want to help; have ever wanted to work on a Linux distribution, please get in touch with me at greeneg aT altimatos DoT com to volunteer.

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