March 30, 2008

The AltimatOS Logo Contest

OK, as people probably have noted from the logo in the upper corner of AI, the temp logo I threw together in 20 minutes is nothing more than Konqueror's Crystal Icon with AltimatOS in ElsiaInline, Thin font. This has been fine for a preliminary placeholder logo, but as I am getting closer to completing AI's user interface and finishing the packaging needed to get AltimatOS ready for it's preliminary beta, I feel it's not enough.

Because of this, I'm pleased to announce the AltimatOS Logo Contest! We're looking for a logo that emphasis the beauty and extensibility that makes up our OS. While some would throw Tux in there, please don't. We are not designing another Linux, but a coherent operating system; one designed for the average user, not the tech.

So you may ask, what's in it for me as the artist?

Well, the grand prize winner will walk away with both an ASUS Eee PC and every release of AltimatOS' planned commercial releases for free. This means that we'll send you one of the first discs mastered of the final releases at each release, without charge for shipping. The second and third place submissions will be given the first release edition of AltimatOS Desktop Edition on DVD for free.

And now for the rules:
1. All artwork submissions must be original artwork, without exception.
2. We require all submissions to be in digital formats (SVG, PNG, etc.)
3. Vector images are preferred.
4. If your work has been selected as the winner, it becomes the exclusive property of YggdrasilSoft, LLC. At that time, we require that all original sources for the artwork be sent to us and copyright and trademark rights be transferred to us. This also means that you may not in anyway keep copies of the artwork without prior consent of YggdrasilSoft, LLC.
5. If your artwork is not selected as the winning piece, we will destroy our copy to ensure that we do not violate your rights to the artwork.
6. During the contest you will grant us the right to place your artwork on display on our website(s) for open commentary.
7. The artwork should match the style of the Crystal Icon Set as designed by Everaldo for the KDE project.
8. This contest will run until July 4th, 2008. At the end of the contest, the core team for AltimatOS will judge the artwork based on the effectiveness of branding and beauty to select the new logo for our operating system.

There, done with the stuffy part! Happy vectoring! :D

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